The Globe and Mail - 'My Enemy, My Brother' 3/4 stars

"In the Toronto filmmaker Ann Shin’s poignant documentary, we meet Najah (an Iraqi) and Zahed (an Iranian), once young soldiers in the brutal Iran-Iraq War. The shooting has long stopped, but the wounds for both of them are open ones."

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In the Seats review of ‘MY ENEMY MY BROTHER’- 4/5 stars

"My Enemy My Brother is a great story of two friends. Borders separated them in the past, but they aren’t now. And both need each other as they physically try to return to their homelands. Director Ann Shin captures their story compassionately, dealing with the specificity of the moral issues troubling and hindering both men."

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"Director Ann Shin creates a meaningful portrait of what it means to be human in war. This film will strike a chord for viewers who are both critical and aware of the current social and political messages involved in the portrayal of the Middle East and Islamophobia."

"The doc acts as a message of hope and prosperity. Two enemies united together against all odds–political boarders and war."

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POV Magazine (April 26, 2017): "An incredible story of humanity and chance."

"Ann Shin’s My Enemy, My Brother updates her acclaimed short film of the same name, which gained rare prominence when it was featured on The New York Times’ website as an Op-Doc two years ago. “The overwhelming positive response totally took us by surprise,” says Shin. “It was viewed by hundreds of thousands, got nominated for an Emmy, and was shortlisted for an Oscar.” The feature is both an expansion and a sequel."  

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CP24 (April 26, 2017)

"Director Ann Shin shares her new documentary at Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival."

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IndieWire exclusive: ‘My Enemy, My Brother’ Trailer

The documentary “My Enemy, My Brother” takes place 25 years after the Iran-Iraq war and its narrative centers around two friends (who were once enemies) who come together in support of one another in the search for their families left behind in Iraq and Iran.

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